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About Us

The HFP provides a psychotherapy and counselling service to the community of Nottingham. The therapy we offer is provided by both qualified and trainee therapists. All therapists receive supervision in accordance with BACP requirements. We offer a high quality training environment for postgraduate psychotherapy students from The University of Nottingham.

The therapy service offers you access to blocks of up to twenty sessions of person-centred experiential therapy. Sessions are offered to individual clients; each session lasts for 50-minutes and will typically be offered one sessions per week. We provide comfortable, safe surroundings, where privacy will be assured.

We are committed to providing high quality services and therefore routinely evaluate the work that we do. We will ask you to participate in our evaluations and we also have a close working relationship with researchers from The University Nottingham who help to inform and develop our approach to therapy through research and development.

For Clients

About Counselling for Human Flourishing

The Human Flourishing Project is a FREE counselling and psychotherapy service for adults or young people aged 18+ years. We run three main services:

-Therapy following a trauma
-Therapy for personal growth
-Therapy in a language other than English subject to therapist availability

The centre works collaboratively with health care professionals, who may refer clients for therapy with us. We also accept self-referrals.

For more information on what you may expect from this therapy please visit our FAQ page.

Counselling from Human Flourishing

What you can expect from the HFP

- Care and respect for individuality
- Respecting your rights
- Empowering clients to achieve growth
- Maintaining confidentiality
- Independent service
- Working collaboratively

On referral to the HFP, you will be contacted by a member of the team and asked to fill out a brief assessment questionnaire. If HFP services are suitable for you, you will be contacted for an initial appointment with a therapist.

Opportunities for Research in Counselling

HFP works in close collaboration with researchers at the University of Nottingham. This is because we are committed to advancing our knowledge of how people benefit from counselling and psychotherapy.

HFP services are committed to the development of new knowledge in the field of person-centred experiential psychotherapy through research. What this means is that by accessing services at HFP we will ask you to participate in our research.

Participation in the research generally requires clients to complete some questionnaires at some of their sessions, or at particular intervals during therapy or after it has ended to follow-up how you are doing.